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Blonde girl in a blue dress looking over her shoulder at the camera, by Jeff B Photography
The Grad Sessions Logo by Jeff B Photography

should be celebrated
and remembered.

Photos that live on your walls, not your phone

Graduation is an important milestone and achievement.

The culmination of our school experience, and one of the most memorable times of our young lives. 


We played sports, joined clubs, figured out who we are and and met the best of friends, all while making memories that will last forever. 

Savour this moment and capture who your child are right now, with all their quirks, in breathtaking portraits you'll cherish for years to come.

Two friends in grad dresses smiling, by Jeff B Photography

How it Works

Discovery Call

Shoot Day

Ordering Session

You found me! You reach out and we schedule a discovery call. You can also book a discovery call right away here.

We sit down on zoom discuss what you're looking for in your shoot and more details on the process. Deposit taken and shoot date scheduled.

The big day! Shot in your favourite location in and around Calgary. I'll guide you through posing and make the process fun.

We meet and go over a curated gallery of images from your shoot. You choose your favourites and order wall art, albums and more! 

This is the most time consuming part of the process. I clean up the photos, prepare them for print and prepare your print products. 

When your art products are ready we meet at the studio where you're presented and review your artwork. You'll also receive a thumb drive of all photos you ordered prints of that are in a web-ready format.

Let's Rock it

Four girls in grad dresses with their backs to the camera looking at downtown Calgary, by Jeff B Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Typically we shoot on the day of your grad banquet and in your formal wear for the evening. However, if you want more traditional seniors portraits then you should wear something that really speaks to who you are and showcases your style and personality; whether that’s jeans and t-shirt, a nice button-down shirt, or your favourite summer dress.

Can you help with location suggestions for the photoshoot?



I have a few favourite spots around Calgary that I use regularly, but if there's somewhere that's special to you we can probably shoot there too. Together, we'll choose the perfect setting to make your senior portraits stand out. There will be a small travel fee to cover mileage if you want to shoot anywhere outside the city.

Framed portrait of a girl in her grad dress on a desk, by Jeff B Photography

Can my family and be included in some of the portraits?

Of course! I encourage family members to join in for a few shots to commemorate this special milestone in your life. Whether it's a formal family portrait or candid moments, we'll ensure your loved ones are included in the memories of your senior year.

An open photo album of grad photos, by Jeff B Photography

What if I want my friends to join me, and their parents want portraits?

This is not uncommon. I love it when friends shoot together it brings some great energy to the shoot. Two or three families often book together and there's time to get portraits for everyone.


One retainer fee can be applied to the session and you can split that cost however you like, but each family will have to do their own ordering session. So make sure they my investment menu beforehand.

Do you offer makeup services for Grad Sessions, and why should I consider it?

Yes, I offer professional makeup services as an option for our Grad Sessions! They will come to your house and do your makeup for before your shoot. Having a makeup artist can enhance your natural beauty and ensure you look and feel your best throughout the session. Honestly, I love my makeup artists. They're amazing! They are great at creating a look that matches your skin, eyes, facial shape etc and knows what will look best on camera. They are magical and always leave clients happy!💄💁‍♀

How much does a Grad Session cost?

When you book a session, we'll need a retainer of $399 up front to secure your date. This retainer will be applied towards any of the products you choose during your ordering session.

About 1-2 weeks after your session, you'll see your portraits for the first time at an ordering appointment. You can choose your favourites and select from high-end products like albums, canvases, acrylic canvases, and digital images.


For additional pricing details, view the Investment Menu or just reach out using the form below. I'm here to make your photography experience easy and enjoyable! 😊📸

What is an ordering session?

This is an appointment we book 1–2 weeks after your shoot date and you get to see your photos for the first time! I'll have curated the best photos and done some pre-editing.


During the the ordering session you'll be making your purchasing decisions you'll choose your favourite photos and select from high-end products like albums, canvases, acrylic canvases, and digital images (We've got some packages to make it easy for you). We happily accept credit cards, but if you prefer to pay in cash, you'll get a sweet 5% discount as an extra incentive. And, if you need some flexibility, we offer in-house payment plans to spread the cost.


Here are the nitty-gritty details for our payment plans:


  • For purchases under $1000, you'll need to put 50% down.

  • For purchases over $1000, a 33% downpayment is required.

  • The longest term for a payment plan is 6 months.

  • Your minimum monthly payment will be $250.


Once your payment plan is paid in full, we'll happily deliver your products and images. Keep in mind, because our work is digital and custom, all sales are final. If you're interested in our fine art albums and wall art, they typically take 4–6 weeks to produce and prices can be subject to change but once you pay your retainer fee, the investment menu prices are locked in.

What about digital images?

You need these for the 'gram. Totally.


For all photos your order a product for (prints, albums, etc) we will include web-ready copies on a USB thumbdrive. If you want to order just digital images (see the digital section of the Investment Menu) those are delivered in high-resolution on USB thumbdrive.

Framed Portrait of a young man in a suit, by Jeff B Photography
A couple in formal wear romantically touching foreheads in front of city of Calgary downtown skyline, by Jeff B Photography


A woman in a blue gown holding her shoes in a field, by Jeff B Photography
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