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Headshot photo of woman smiling with arms crossed, by Jeff B Photography
The Headshot Sessions Logo by Jeff B Photography

Time to step up your
game for yourself or
your whole team?

How are your photos impacting your professional online presence?

A headshot session is your opportunity to work with some of Calgary's professionals committed to elevating your corporate and personal brand. Whether it's just for yourself, or for your whole team.

Why does your photo matter?


They say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but in our online world, a photo is often our first interaction with someone. How is your's representing you?

A LinkedIn internal study showed that a great photo increases profile views seven-fold!

Headshot photo of man sitting and holding his glasses, by Jeff B Photography

It's your introduction…

Your headshot is your introduction and first impression. Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are often the first place people look to do research on companies and individuals they're considering doing business with. 

Taking the time and effort to get a polished, professional headshot that represents you well, means you’ve already made a positive impression on anyone who has discovered your profile.


If you're looking for a photographer for headshots, then look no further.

How it Works

Discovery Call
Shoot Day
Photo Selections


You found me! You reach out and we schedule a discovery call. You can also book a discovery call right away here.

Usually we'll have a call discuss what you're looking for in your shoot and more details on the process. Deposit will be taken and a shoot date scheduled.

The big day! Shot either in studio, at your office or in your favourite location in and around Calgary. I'll guide you through posing and make the process fun.

Usually within 24 hours I'll send you an online gallery where you can preview all your photos and choose the ones you want retouched and delivered. 

After you make your final selections I do detailed retouching to make sure they look their best. Clean up stray hairs, remove the pimple that awkwardly showed up on shoot day, and perfect the colours.

When edits are done I'll send you a new gallery that you can download your photos from. You'll have the link for a year so lots of time to download and save.

A woman in a business suit standing in front of her office, by Jeff B Photography
The Best Calgary Logo

Proud to be recognized as one of Calgary's Top 5 Headshots photographers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m not photogenic and have no idea how to pose?

Don’t worry, that part is my job! I have been directing and posing people for over 15 years and I’ll tell you where to put your hands, point your toes and tilt your head. We take enough time to get you comfortable and most people are enjoying the process by the end.


I also shoot tethered, meaning I have a laptop connected to my camera, so you can review photos right after we shoot. You get to review your photos before you leave (no pressure to make choices in the moment though) and if you see a pose you like but didn’t like your expression or smile and want to reshoot it a few times to nail it, we will. Everyone walks away from a shoot knowing that they are photos in there that they like.

What should I wear?

Avoid busy patterns or bright and vibrant colours. Stick to solid shades or deep colour tones instead. You don’t want clothes to distract viewers. Choose clothing that fits well and that you’ve worn before. Make sure the clothing is clean and neatly pressed (wrinkles show up more than you expect under studio lights). Finally, run a lint roller over your clothing so your favourite pet doesn’t unintentionally end up in your new headshots.


Oh, and if you’re unsure, you can bring a couple of options to the shoot and we can make a final decision at that time.

A man in a suit stroking his beard and looking cheeky, by Jeff B Photography
A headshot of smiling woman in jeans and white shirt, by Jeff B Photography

What backgrounds can I shoot on?

Most people opt for white or grey. If you want something else I have a variety of backdrops in other colours as well. If there's a specific colour you want, ask me and it can probably happen. The other option is an environmental background - that could be a shoot in your office space, or outdoors (weather permitting). After booking we can chat about when and where you'd like to shoot.

How quickly can I get my photos?

You’ll receive your preview gallery within 24 hours of your shoot. From there the timeline is in your hands. You can take as much time as you like making your selections (though if it’s been a couple weeks I might gently remind you). Once you choose your final photos, and let me know, it’s usually about three business days to have your final images delivered.

How many photos do I get?

It depends on the package you choose. Headshot package have two to five professionally retouched photos included (depending on the package) and there always the option to buy additional edits.

What if I need a LOT of photos?

If you're looking for a large number of photos that you can use across your website, marketing, social media or however else you want, then a Branding Session might be what you're looking for. Theses sessions are much more in-depth, include a lot of planning and are custom catered to you and your brand. Learn more about them over at the Branding Sessions

Do you offer RAW photos?

A RAW photo or file isn’t what many think. A RAW file is not like jpg or other standard photo file, it’s pure data from the camera and can’t be opened or used without specific software. Most people are actually asking for an unfinished or non-retouched image. I don’t offer these either, as skin shine, stray hairs, lint, etc., while common issues, have no place in a headshot and reflect poorly on all of us. Un-edited photos are like an unbaked pizza. It’s got potential, but it’s not ready for consumption. Every photographer’s process is unique to them, and the post-production is just as important as lighting my subjects with care and making them as real and comfortable in front of the camera as possible.


A man in a suit leaning on a chair, by Jeff B Photography
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