Byron's headshot experience

In June, we held one of our regular headshots days where people can step in a professional studio and get photos that we’re both proud of. One of our clients that day, named Byron, was gifted the session for Father's Day by his wife. She was looking for a gift more unique than a new tie.  

As we were about to start, Byron pulled out some sample photos (this was a great idea!) that his wife sent along with along with him. He said he had instructions to try to land somewhere between real estate agent and GQ model. 

Byron had touch-ups from our on-site makeup artists and shot on two backdrops with two different outfits.

Though he was nervous at first, there were lots of laughs during his shoot and in the end, he enjoyed the experience. Oh, and his wife was thrilled with the results! 

Who do you know who thinks they or their partner needs elevate their professional impact with a new headshot? We hold quarterly sessions where you can step in front of camera with a team dedicated to showing you in your best light.

Find our next dedicated session here: The Headshot Sessions

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