Six reasons you need a professional headshot

Updated: Mar 8

Gone are the days when only actors & models, politicians or realtors needed a headshot. It has become both common and expected thanks to social media. On the web, a professional headshot photo can help build a more human and personalized feel to our though-the-screen connections.

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6. It's your introduction

Your headshot is your introduction and first impression. Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are often the first place we look as both recruiters and prospects alike. Recruiters utilize social media to discover new talent and learn about their skills, personality and ambitions. Prospects do research on companies and individuals they're considering doing business with. Did you know that an internal LinkedIn study found that people with great photos get seven times more profile views!  Taking the time and effort to get a polished, professional headshot that represents you well, means you’ve already made a positive impression on anyone who has discovered your profile. 

5. You'll look the part

If you want to be treated like a professional, you must look like a professional. Period. You want to project that you are confident and take your business seriously. Whether you're the CEO at a major bank or a mobile pet groomer, your clients and potential employers need to trust you. That sexy selfie or badly cropped photo of you on vacation doesn’t say, ‘hand over your money or other assets, trust me.. I’m a professional!’ We've all heard the adage to dress for the job we want, not the job we have. Well the same goes for how you present yourself online. 


4. Stickiness

People spend more time looking at photos than reading text on websites or business cards and the quality of the photo will leave an impression. Your best chance of sticking in your potential clients or employers memories is to make sure you have a fantastic photo.

3. A measure of success

From childhood it's drummed into us to not judge a book by it's cover, but instinctually we all make snap judgements based on appearance. In fact, our brain immediately determines how trustworthy a face is before we've even fully processed the photo. More so online. Spending the time and money on professional headshots can be perceived as a symbol of success. Investing in yourself shows you have the means to make that investment and people want to be associated with others who are successful.

2. Take yourself seriously

It makes you feel good to look your best! Taking the time to get a professionally shot and edited photo of yourself is not only important for your personal brand but it will boost your confidence too. You can feel good about people visiting your website or LinkedIn profile and seeing the good-looking, friendly face of the person they should do business with. It may even inspire you to share more of yourself with others, and take a few more risks.

1. You deserve it!

Without a doubt a professional headshot is an investment in yourself, and your future. Thinking beyond the initial cost, what could it mean if you land that job, secure that project, or earn a valuable client? The professional benefits will far outweigh what you paid up front. If you look at your headshot as your first introduction, a representation of who you are to potential connections, clients or employers, do you think you’re representing yourself well? If you were on the other side, would you be impressed by you? Take the time to invest in yourself and your future, and you will be happy with the results.


Every quarter we do it up right with a full day of headshots in our studio. Relax with a drink beforehand and get touch-ups from our on-site makeup artist. Shoot on a variety of backdrops, review your images right then and there, and walk out knowing you got shots that you love. 

Find our next headshot day: The Headshot Sessions

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